The warranty for units is 36 months. The 36 month warranty (or any extended warranties) will commence upon installation and registration to customer account. An extended warranty of one or two years can be added prior to unit being registered subject to the same terms and conditions. (Note: it can only be added prior to installation on a per account basis, not individual units). Client has the responsibility to work with Driver Locate, LLC Customer Service 623.328.8905. (If the Driver Locate, LLC Customer Service Representative (CSR) is unable to remotely solve a unit malfunction for client, the unit will need to be returned. The CSR will contact Client and provide them with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.


Replacement of defective unit, Driver Locate, LLC will automatically process and ship a NEW unit(s) to Client for the exact quantity and type of unit(s) being RMA’ed and ship them, any RMA received before 3:00PM CST will ship same day, all others will ship next day. Client will temporarily be charged for the replacement unit, the charge will be refunded as soon as Driver Locate, LLC determines that the unit is under warranty. This will provide Client with replacement units as quickly as possible, allowing Client to remove and reinstall at the same time. Client will immediately return RMA’ed unit to Driver Locate, LLC. Upon receipt of the returned equipment, Driver Locate, LLC will inspect the unit for physical or water damage and test the unit. If the results indicate that the problem is a result of physical or weather damage, Client hereby agrees to pay Driver Locate, LLC for the replacement unit and shipping costs. If the unit is determined to have warranty issue we will consider the swap closed. The swapped or replacement product will have the same warranty period as the unit being removed. For example, if a unit is issued an RMA number and the RMA’ed unit has 11 months of warranty remaining, the same balance will carry over to the replacement product provided to you from Driver Locate, LLC.