Tow truck tracking

Tow truck tracking is a specialized GPS sector
offered by DriverLocate Fleet Tracking.

It is a state-of-the-art GPS, web-based vehicle tracking system. The technology used is one of the most cost effective and easy to install tracking solutions for all of the vehicles in your tow truck fleet.

How We Benefit
Tow Truck Fleets

As a towing service owner you know that getting to your customer immediately is vital to your success. Having that ability will grow your business because you will then have satisfied customers. DriverLocate makes that happen. You will know in real time the accurate location of every tow truck in your fleet, allowing you to dispatch the one closest to the customer in need quickly. Our system will also route your drivers around traffic or other delays to further improve their arrival time. Satisfied customers ensure more jobs and that leads to a growing, thriving business.

Our system also ensures driver accountability. Your fleet will run safer, smoother and more efficiently as you track their driving behavior.

Our Benefits in a Nutshell

EasE of Use

Manage your entire tow truck fleet on one screen with our simple-to-use software, so you always know the location of your vehicles.

Real-Time Tracking

Know the exact location of your tow truck fleet in real time.

Quick Response Time

Be the first tow truck on the scene to ensure satisfied customers.

Prediction Times

You can better predict arrival
times of your drivers.

Experienced Company

Acquire peace of mind knowing that our
over 10 years of experience is working for you.

Find the right product for your company.